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Pop Culture Sh*tshow

Mar 26, 2020

That's right - it's Women's History Month!! The most wonderful time of the year is back bbs :D In this episode, Becca and Tessa talk about some powerful ladies straight up being amazing!! Come for the good feels, stay for the trivia!

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Mar 19, 2020

Hello, friends from this wild time that just keeps getting wilder! In this week's episode, Tessa and Becca aim to help you ward off the quarantine blues and boredom with some of their fave pop-culture suggestions! You know Tessa is bringing you the true crime and Becca is bringing you the rom coms!! We've got...

Mar 12, 2020

Whew, these times is wild, fam! Are you on the "travel and if I die, I die" side of the Coronavirus or the "hunker down forever, goodbye to humanity" side?! We won't tell you which we are (but Tessa is going to Disney next week).

On this week's ep the ladies talk all about the pop culture pandemic flicks we know and...