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Pop Culture Sh*tshow

Sep 26, 2019

Do you consider yourself trendy? Hip? A part the times?! Then have we got the episode for you. This week Becca and Tessa sit down to discuss a subculture of the youth: the VSCO girl. You've read the Vox, NBC News, and Buzzfeed think pieces - now listen to our take on them! Are they the new Tumblr girl? The new tomboy?...

Sep 19, 2019

Everything is canceled! Hell hath no fury like the Internet and we are here to dive first into the wild world of “canceled culture.” Get ready to hear the good, bad, and complicated as we explore this recent phenomenon in this week’s episode of Pop Culture Sh*tshow.

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Sep 12, 2019

Your favorite sh*tshows are back at it and we are chatting about brands! Let’s face it - it’s shady out here! From government to big business our Pop Culture says a lot about who we think we can trust. In today’s episode, Becca and Tessa talk all about brands with purpose and share the wins and losses of this...